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Flappy Bird Hack is the best hack tool that gives you unlimited lives on Flappy Bird with no Jailbreak. Install this app on your Apple or Android device from this website for free!



Depending on which device you use, Android or Apple, just click on the direct installation button above.


Open Flappy Bird and make sure the hack was successfully installed.


On the opening menu of Flappy Bird click on the Lives button, if it's orange it means it's on! Now you can use unlimited lives!

  • 1.Install Instantly

    Install the Flappy Bird Hack instantly on your phone by clicking on the direct installation button.

  • 2.Verify Icon

    Verify if the Flappy Bird Hack is correctly installed by making sure an app with the name "" appeared next to Flappy Bird.

  • 3.Lives Button

    Tap on the Lives button to enable unlimited Lives! Orange color is for enabled and green color is for disabled!

  • 4.Continue

    Now everytime you die jclick on the Continue button and continue your journey! A new map will automatically apear but you'll have the same score as before!

  • Unbeatable Scores!

    None of your friends will ever beat your records ever again while you still enjoy the game!

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